Let The Professionals Do Their Job

What is the first thing you should tell your customers when they book you for a hot water extraction procedure on their carpets? The answer might surprise a lot of people with its simplicity, but it is true – do nothing! Many carpet owners read all kinds of stuff about the method or what is expected of them in terms of preparation and do a whole lot of completely unnecessary things. You can spare your customers all the drama and tension by telling them to stay put and let you do the hard work.

Contrary to what many people think, it is a better idea to leave the carpet cleaners do all the moving of furniture and initial preparation. Preliminary vacuum cleaning is completely unnecessary, as the hot water extraction is not only much more powerful but removes the residue and microparticles from deep within the fabrics. Buying any detergents or other materials you have read about on the Internet is also redundant and not a good idea overall – professional technicians usually have access to specialised materials that you cannot find in your local store.

To sum it up – go out for a coffee or catch up with your friends for a few hours and leave the professionals do their job!

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