Zombie Apocalypse: How to stay alive when the undead hit Britain


ZOMBIES: You better have a plan of action when the undead apocalypse strikes Britain

The zombie has long been depicted in films and TV as human rising from the dead who have come back to feast on lving people’s organs.

And by eating them, their victims are infected with a “zombie virus” – where they too become part of the walking dead.

Daily Star Online revealed last week that monster boffins believe there has already been numerous zombie outbreaks throughout history.

The experts believe the most important thing to do when the undead attack is to get away from other people.

Matt Mogk, of Zombie Research Society, said running for the hills may be the best plan of action.


HORROR: Where will you go to get away from zombies when the apocalypse starts?

“Just don’t go where large groups of people are going to congregate”

Matt Mogk

He added: “There’s one thing we can agree on, that people make zombies.

“So without a lot of people around there can’t be a lot of zombies.

“The first thing you need to do in your survival plan is to make sure not a lot of people are doing the same plan.

“If you are in a big city, a place like a park is a good place to go with a low population density, cemeteries are great, golf courses too.

“But just don’t go where large groups of people are going to congregate.”

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