‘You’ve captured a moment’: Island photographers turning hobby into money – Prince Edward Island

In the developing gig-economy, more and more people are turning their hobbies and interests into a source of supplemental income and stock photography is becoming an important aspect of the media landscape. 

Rusty Elliott has been selling his pictures since 2009 on Shutterstock, a stock photo depository that sells photos to businesses that need them.

Rusty Elliott has been uploading his photographs to Shutterstock since 2009. (Submitted by Rusty Elliott)

“I love to take pictures,” Elliott said.

“I’d seen that there was an opportunity … I could sell pictures that I made.”

Around the world

Elliott and his wife have travelled to Austria, Portugal, Spain, France, and most recently the Balkans, and everywhere he goes he takes photos. 

“If we go on a trip, I’ll take my camera with me and I’ll get up early and try and catch some pictures,” he said.

Elliott, who runs a grocery and gas station near Basin Head Provincial Park, said that most of the money he makes through Shutterstock sales goes back into his hobby.

Rusty Elliott says that any time he and his wife travel, he brings his camera and takes time to get plenty of photos. (Submitted by Rusty Elliott)

“As you get going you need filters to make your sky better, you need tripods for your long exposures,” he said.

“With the internet there’s so many different things to learn and try and make your pictures better but you also need stuff that goes with it.”

‘Captured a moment’

Steve McFeeters is another Islander that has turned a long time passion into a source of income. 

“I’ve been taking pictures for a long time, I had an interest in photography fairly early,” he said.

McFeeters who lives in Cornwall, P.E.I., said that he’s been uploading photos to Shutterstock for five or six years.

Steve McFeeters says that he travelled a lot when he was younger, but wasn’t carrying a camera much of the time. (Submitted by Steve McFeeters)

He said that the idea of selling his…

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