Xulon Press Announces New Book Providing an Accurate Historical Placement of the Life of Christ in Relation to the Four Gospels


challenge current thinking regarding the Life of Christ

John Lawrence Burks’ new book, Blood of Empires Trilogy—Volume 1 ($24.99, paperback, 9781498490634, $9.99, eBook, 9781498490641, $41.99, Dust Jacket, 9781498496582 ) bridges the historical gap to place Jesus of Nazareth and other historical characters properly into the context of history. Burks hopes his readers will establish an understanding of the Biblical Jesus of Nazareth, understand Jesus’s words and actions, understand the purpose of life and differentiate between revenge and forgiveness. Blood of Empires Trilogy also gives a message of hope and redemption, and provides an answer for out troubled times.

Burks says, “The novel will challenge current thinking regarding the Life of Christ. For example, at the time of the crucifixion, Jesus could not been 33 years of age, but had to be older. Jesus more accurately was 40 years of age and had a four year public ministry not a commonly thought, three year ministry. I published a Master’s Thesis in 1984 at Wayne State University, which successfully dated the crucifixion and four year ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. It has never been successfully challenged, now going on 32 years since it was published.”

John Lawrence Burks has a Master of Arts degree with a major in Ancient History and a minor in Religious Studies. He has taught secondary, college and university level classes for 40 years; teaching Ancient History, World History, World Religions, Philosophy, and Bible as Literature, and others. Burks has also traveled and personally researched all the major localities mentioned in the book, which include Europe and the Middle East. He has spent 40 years working on this…

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