Xulon Press Announces New Book Encouraging Readers to Become Fully Committed Disciples of Jesus Christ

Michael R. Tibbs

It is a dynamic way to experience a collaborative reading of I Peter

In Michael R. Tibbs’ new book, Looking Inside of You ($18.99, paperback, 9781498497480, $9.99, eBook, 9781498497497) is designed to help you see yourself and your purpose in life from God’s perspective. It shares how the power of God’s love helps you to endure suffering. It integrates the words of the Apostle Peter, (which are echoes of the voice of God), with daily living. It challenges the reader to accept the high calling of God to live as His ambassador or representative here on earth. The exhortations are designed to encourage living by the power and faithfulness of Christ instead of living by the efforts of one’s own puny power and fickle faith.

Tibbs says, “This book highlights God’s word using a “picture book” approach. This unique approach provides a social media platform whereby individual expressions and images can be shard and compared with the views offered by others. It is a dynamic way to experience a collaborative reading of I Peter. The conversation with God, the Apostle Peter and the author is extended to include other readers. This optional group reading approach makes it possible to be in conversation…

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