World’s Largest Induction Lighting Base Entirely Closed in 2018, Will the China Light-induction Lighting Survive?

Round Induction Lighting

I don’t think we could say that induction lighting is dead, but I think it is time the lamp should return back to the place where it should to be.

This is the first official confirmation on the entire close of the Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting Company, but it was not only hearsay the company had stopped manufacturing since 2016.

Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting Company was the first company to pursue induction lighting technology and had the world’s largest induction lighting production base in Shanghai, China. In 2011, Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting Company won its 6-year lawsuit of induction lighting patents with the global giant Osram.

Induction lighting was first designed by Tesla and being called No Dead Lights because the lack of electrodes means it can have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Induction lighting was prized for being China’s only core technology in the field of energy saving lighting, competing with LED Lighting, which is typically considered a Western owned technology.

However, with the fast development of LED lighting, Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting Company and its induction lighting which was incredibly popular a mere several years ago, gradually lost share in the market.

“I think the decay of induction lighting is relative, in fact it was always more of a transitional product. It was a great lighting product when LED was a baby,” Joe Sullivan, Certified Lighting Specialist at the American Lighting Association, holds the believe that the decay of induction lighting is down to LED Lighting, which has undergone geometrical improvements in line with Moore’s Law over the past 5 to 10 years.

“For example, 5 years ago, a 200W induction high bay light cost USD150 while the 150W LED…

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