Women, young voters and inner-city dwellers drive survey enrolments | Australia news

An enrolment surge in which an extra 98,000 Australians put their names down to vote in the marriage law postal survey was driven by young people, women and inner-city residents, new figures have revealed.

Women accounted for 57,152 new enrolments compared with 40,907 men, according to new Australian Electoral Commission statistics released late last week.

In total 65,274 people aged between 18 and 24 added their names to the roll between 8 August, when the postal survey was announced, and 24 August, the deadline to participate. Two-thirds of the new enrolments were under 24.

The figures are a boon for the Equality Campaign because polls show the highest rates of support for same-sex marriage are among women, the young and in the inner city.

On Tuesday the Guardian Essential poll found a majority of both sexes support same-sex marriage, but with higher levels of support among women (63%) than men (52%) and less opposition among women (28%) than men (38%).

According to the same poll, among people aged 18 to 35 supporters of marriage equality outnumbered opponents 65% to 28%.

The addition of 98,000 new voters and more than 930,00 enrolment transactions (which includes voters changing details) has grown the electoral roll to 16m Australians, in what the Equality Campaign called the most successful enrolment campaign in Australian history.

GetUp data analyst Ben Raue said the new figures “fit with a pattern we’re seeing that supporters of marriage equality really care about voting in the survey”.

“Particularly young people, particularly women and various demographics that support marriage equality really want to make sure they vote,” he said.

“That’s why we saw such a surge of people updating details and enrolling to vote.”

Raue said the scale of new enrolments meant those who had joined the roll were unlikely to be “hardcore activists” but rather “ordinary people who don’t engage in politics and may not bother to keep updated for a federal…

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