Woman shocked when her suspected appendicitis was LABOUR

Robyn Bailey had blamed her expanding waistline on being happy in a relationship. 

She was taking the contraceptive pill, had regular periods and therefore never imagined she could be pregnant. 

Robyn, 23, drank and smoke and two weeks before she  went to see a doctor thinking she had appendicitis she had been out celebrating her birthday and had binged on alcohol. 

She was shocked to discover the agonising pain she was experiencing was a sign she was in labour. 

But the emotional rollercoaster was far from over for the new mother and her partner Luke Darvill. 

Just weeks after welcoming their surprise baby into the world, their joy turned to panic when they discovered Daisy struggling to breathe.

The child was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with two holes in her heart. Daisy nearly died three times, during two lots of heart surgery 

Looking back at the tumultuous time, Robyn, from Haverhill, Suffolk, recalled: ‘I had gone up from a size 12 when I started dating Luke to a size 18-20 three years later,’ she said.

‘I just thought it was “relationship weight,” gained because we were so happy together and I hadn’t been watching what I ate.

‘I was on the contraceptive pill and didn’t miss a period.’

In February 2015, barmaid Robyn and logistics co-ordinator Luke, 26, were staying over at his father’s house, when she woke with agonising stomach pain.

Because she had no idea she was pregnant, when her waters broke, she thought the pain was an appendicitis.

‘I told Luke some mess had come out of me,’ she explained. ‘He misunderstood and thought I had soiled myself. He told me to clean myself up.

‘We’d earlier that night had an argument over KFC, so we were in a bad mood with each other.’

But, in agony, Robyn couldn’t sleep and called the NHS helpline, 101, who asked if she could be pregnant.

‘I said no straight away,’ she continued. ‘I hadn’t missed a period, so I didn’t think…

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