With ‘HNDRXX,’ Mixtape Culture Infiltrates The Music Industry : The Record : NPR

Surprise releases have been done to death. What’s next?

The cover art of Future’s HNDRXX, released just one week after his chart-topping self-titled album.

Courtesy of the artist

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Courtesy of the artist

The industry has finally seen the light… at least, that’s one way to interpret Future’s second major-label release in the span of two weeks.

That second album, HNDRXX, is the “album I always wanted to make,” he wrote in an Instagram post and, as its famous features including Rihanna and The Weeknd seem to show, is said to be more radio-ready than last week’s FUTURE. And get this: There are already unconfirmed reports that the Atlanta rapper and his label Epic will follow up this second release with a third album.

While this windfall means plenty of new Future for fans to digest, it also begs a question: What does this disruption to old release strategies suggest about the present and future of the industry?

After years of pushback, the suits in the c-suites may be ready to take their lead from the streets by flooding the market with product. Multiple releases within short windows — traditionally viewed skeptically by an industry which saw them…

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