Wing Zone® Unveils Brand Refresh to Deepen Connection with Customers and Franchisees

For the first time since its founding in 1991, Wing Zone®, the fast casual restaurant uniting Flavorholics around the world with its signature flavored wings and burgers, announced a global brand refresh to further its mission of creating a fun, relatable dining atmosphere offering guests the best chicken wings in the universe. Core elements of the updated Wing Zone brand include Bigger Tenders, Better Boneless, Jumbo Wings, a modernized menu, stronger alignment between domestic and international locations, as well as a revamped guest promise: “We promise your meal will be right, if not, we will replace it with no questions asked.”

“When we founded Wing Zone in our fraternity house in the early 90’s, our brand was full of energy and fresh ideas,” said CEO Matt Friedman, who co-founded Wing Zone with Adam Scott, Wing Zone’s CFO. “We want to bring our identity back to its roots and better align with our customer base, which is young and entrepreneurial – just like we were when we tossed our first wings in the frat house. To us, that means creating a cheeky, laid back brand persona, as well as offering the best of the best product available – which is why we’re switching to Bigger Tenders, Better Boneless, Jumbo Wings.”

Wing Zone is all about fun and flavor. That’s why the brand is revamping its tone to better relate to its fans with a clever, expressive community of Flavorholics across the country and the world. The Wing Zone community includes not only current college students and active military but also young professionals who crave Wing Zone and the nostalgia of their college days.

Additionally, the brand will be using a more premium chicken supplier in order to ensure meatier wings, bigger tenders and a tastier product. Wing Zone will continue to carry its popular chicken sandwich, angus…

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