Will the Real Democracy Lovers Please Stand Up?

President Trump’s argument that the national press corps is illegitimate and dishonest has emerged as one of the most consistent themes of his presidency, alongside — and seemingly as important to him — his calls for a major tax code overhaul, an end to Obamacare, a border wall and “extreme vetting.”

Those other parts of his agenda appeal to large groups of Republicans on Capitol Hill, including the leaders of the House and the Senate. So you could see the appeal of staying out of the way to let Mr. Trump do his thing against the press — no great favorite on The Hill anyway — as their other big policy dishes marinate and cook.

But they might be wise to rethink that strategy. The journalism that Mr. Trump and his aides seek to delegitimize today could be the legitimate research and bipartisan data points they try to use to make policy arguments with Mr. Trump tomorrow.

There’s also that part of putting your money where your mouth is after spending long careers extolling the genius of the founders who created our system to ensure our president never became an infallible king, ever cognizant that, as James Madison put it, “popular government without popular information,” is “a prologue to a farce or tragedy.”

Asked on Thursday about Mr. Trump’s first declaration that the press was “the enemy,” Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, said, “I don’t view you guys as the enemy.” It…

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