Will driverless technology flop? More than 50% of motorists are ‘terrified’ of autonomous cars


As autonomous vehicle technology slowly makes its way into the consumer market, will it be as well received as first thought?

BRITISH motorists are terrified of autonomous vehicles and developing car technology, a recent survey has shown.

Almost two-thirds of drivers said they would not be willing to accept a lift in a driverless car, and more than half fear the security implications of connected technology.

PA:Press Association

A recent study has shown that more than three-quarters of British drivers are reluctant to try autonomous vehicle technology

The survey, conducted by online car servicing provider Servicing Stop, found that just 37 per cent of drivers would take a ride in an autonomous vehicle, while only five per cent of motorists described themselves as “extremely eager” to test out the new technology. 

A whopping 77 per cent of drivers said they were “reluctant” or ” extremely reluctant” to support the influx of driverless vehicles.

“Motorists are clearly very concerned with the move to autonomous driving and the enhanced software found in newer vehicles,” CEO of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond said. 

“Self-driving cars will not be available for the everyday driver for at least three or four years but the vision of having these vehicles on the road is admittedly overwhelming.”

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