Why South Korea's president won't quit

The president is accused of colluding with three people close to her office, and an investigation will continue into her potential involvement in the unfolding scandal.

Park’s office said she doesn’t have anything to answer for, and has suggested the probe has been politically motivated.

Mass protests demanding Park step down show no signs of waning. However, despite the unrest, low approval ratings and the resignations of several key aides, analysts say the president is unlikely to resign.

Here’s why.

1. With the presidency comes immunity

While Park remains president she’s immune from prosecution, unless for insurrection or treason.

If she were to step down, she’d expose herself to potential arrest. Over the weekend, South Korean prosecutors officially indicted three people close to Park.

Her confidante Choi Soon-sil and former aide An Chong-bum have been charged with abuse of power,…

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