Why People Love Having Pets Around the House


Pet ownership is something that’s not unique only to certain countries. It is something that transcends not only countries, but also race, age, creed, gender, and language. Sure, there are those who don’t like the idea of having an animal in their house, but there are many who want to have a companion other than humans in their household. In Australia alone, the pet population is estimated to be around 33 million, which includes around 3.41 million dogs, 2.35 million cats, and the rest are either fish, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small animals.


So, why are many people enamored to certain animals and want them in or around their house? Here are some of the reasons why people love pets:


Satisfaction – Different people get satisfaction from different types of things. Some get it from watching TV or movies, some from playing games or sports, some from doing repair work, some from creating music or artworks, and some from taking care of pets. Whether they’re cats, dogs, or other types of domesticated animals, there’s a certain type and level of satisfaction that some people get from caring for them compared to doing other things in the house.


Emotional fulfillment – Humans are emotional beings, and we need to both express and fulfill our emotions. There are times when we can’t express something we feel to another person due to certain reasons like embarrassment or fear of being misunderstood. When we talk to our pets and unload whatever burden we have, we won’t get any negative or adverse reaction from them.


Learning how to become responsible – Taking care of a pet requires a lot of commitment from the owner for it to be safe, healthy and happy. There have been instances when people who had never been responsible for anything in their life or had not known how to handle responsibilities were given a pet to take care of. The experience gave them the chance to assume certain responsibilities, like giving them the right pet supplies and food,…

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