Why not make Jeffrey Lord White House communications director?

President Trump’s least favorite cable news network may have solved his most intractable personnel problems.

The White House has been struggling to find a new communications director. CNN parted ways with conservative commentator Jeffrey Lord.

Not since the old Reese’s peanut butter cup commercials in which chocolate is accidentally dipped in peanut butter has there been such fortuitous timing. Why not Jeff Lord for White House communications director?

Lord has White House experience, having served as political director under President Reagan. That was the last unambiguously successful Republican administration and arguably the most accomplished of either party in decades.

Reagan was the Great Communicator. Lord remembers when Pat Buchanan and other conservatives came into the White House to “let Reagan be Reagan.” Who else would be better equipped to let Trump be Trump?

That was thirty years ago. Now Lord is tanned, rested, and ready for a return.

Past spokesmen for Trump have faced two major problems. Some, like long-suffering former press secretary Sean Spicer, seemed uncomfortable defending some of the president’s more fanciful claims. Many have complained about being undercut by Trump’s own tweets after executing a carefully planned communications strategy designed to keep the president out of trouble.

Have you ever seen Lord seem the least bit flustered when it comes to defending the president in public? No matter how tough the case or how many liberals and Never Trump Republicans are trying to shout him down, Lord would plunge forward.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper once said that Lord would defend the president if he defecated on his desk. (Cooper would not have said anything approaching that level of vulgarity to colleagues who were worshipful of former President Obama.) Ever a happy warrior, Lord simply laughed.

While Lord has become famous for strained historical analogies — my personal favorite is his suggestion that Trump is the Martin Luther Kin, Jr. of…

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