Why Different Kriyas Are Experienced by Disciples In The Presence Of Guru

What is a Kriya?

Kriya is an involuntary physical and mental purification activities and reactions resulted from elevated spiritual consciousness. Seekers frequently experience kriyas during their spiritual practices. A disciple coming in contact with his Guru may feel a sudden uplift of spiritual emotions and ecstasy manifested by uncontrolled physical and mental movements, activities or reactions known as kriyas.

Characteristics of Kriya:

  • The aura of a Guru has tremendous vibratory energy, whenever a disciple sits within the range of the Guru auric field, his own auric field vibration is lifted to higher dimension and he feels elevated spiritual consciousness.
  • In order to higher energy to flow though our channels we need enlarged and unobstructed nadis. The elevated consciousness felt in the presence of the Guru releases the personal energy blocks necessary for inner purification.
  • The expansion of energy field and clearing of inner impurities may take place on many levels like physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Whenever this elevated energy comes up against inner blockages of a disciple, produces kriyas in him. The inner impurities or blockages may be in the form of illness, emotional traumas, narrow or negative belief and attitudes, psycho-spiritual debris from past lives karmas and psychic influences from astral and invisible dimensions.
  • Sometimes the disciple imitates a variety of animal sounds and movements which represents his…

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