Why are Chinese people lack of sense of security?


A recent survey conducted by the website sohu reports that more than 90 percent of the questioned say that they are longing for a sense of security. The readers of the report may wonder why the sense of insecurity has been on the rise in a country where the economy has been developing at a high speed and the living standard has been improved accordingly.  Five causes may lead to Chinese people’s sense of insecurity.

  The first reason is that the living cost is on the rise. The increasing housing price have brought about great psychological pressure and burdens to people. Although some managed to buy a house and a car, and can lead a relatively stable life, the loans have also brought about great financial burdens to them.

  The second reason is that the competition is quite fierce. People in the modern world are in the constant fear of being left behind by others and they try to surpass others. In the workplace where only success is allowed, nobody has complete sense of security.

  The third reason is they people often feel lonely and isolated. Although people’s social circle has been enlarged by the advanced social life methods and frequent flow of the population, the both depth and length of the affection have been reduce by a large degree. People have fewer and fewer faithful and sincere friends.

  The fourth reason is that people don’t know how to be content with their present life and they are too crazy for comparing their lives with others’. When they have a small house, they will envy others’ big house; when they have a job, they are thirst for a better one and in this case they always believe that what others have is the best. Such being the case, they cannot have a balanced mood towards life.

  Last but not least, people do not have belief or faith in life. Since people are lack of dreams and beliefs, they cannot find inner peace and become more and more anxious and confused and do not have the sense of security. Many people work in…

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