Where’s the bus? Here’s how Metro Transit decides whether your bus is on time

Metro’s on-time performance has stayed fairly consistent over the past five years, even as ridership has boomed and traffic congestion worsened. The reasons: more service hours, bus-only lanes and priority at traffic lights, and a newer fleet.

How often is your bus on time?

The simple answer is most of the time, although not quite as often as King County Metro would like.

The more complicated answer depends on when you’re riding the bus, how you define “on time” and on how you measure it.

The most crowded bus routes

These 13 routes were deemed “chronically crowded” and most in need of additional service.

RapidRide E, Aurora Village to downtown

312, UW Bothell to downtown

50, Othello Station to Alki

RapidRide D, Crown Hill to downtown

24, West Magnolia to downtown

128, Admiral District to Southcenter

18, North Beach to downtown (peak hours only)

21, Westwood Village to downtown

33, Discovery Park to downtown

232, Duvall to Bellevue

240, Bellevue to Renton

255, Brickyard Park and Ride to downtown

RapidRide C, Westwood Village to South Lake Union

Source: King County Metro annual report

Over the last 12 months, regular Metro buses have been “on time” 77 percent of the time. That figure has stayed fairly consistent over the past five years, as Metro has met the growing demands of booming ridership and stifling traffic congestion by adding more service hours, giving buses priority in their own lanes and at traffic lights, and investing in a newer bus fleet.

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But just because 77 percent of buses are showing up “on time” doesn’t mean they’re showing up right when they’re scheduled to show up.

Virtually all of Metro’s approximately 175 routes are late more often during rush hour, when the most people ride.

And Metro, like almost all transit agencies, approaches punctuality more like a dinner…

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