Where do we go from here? Industry-leading men weigh in on the sexual harassment epidemic

CBS News’ Alex Wagner recently sat down with a group of powerful women for a discussion about sexual harassment. A group of five accomplished men across various industries took up the issue in this conversation with Wagner. 

The men she spoke with are leaders in their fields and in positions to empower women.The group included writer, director and producer Judd Apatow, fashion designer Prabal Gurung, former astronaut Leland Melvin, New York Giant Mark Herzlich and celebrity chef and restaurateur Tom Colicchio. All of them spoke about moving the #MeToo movement forward and its impact on them.

From left to right: Former astronaut and sexual assault survivor Leland Melvin, chef and restaurateur Tom Colicchio, fashion designer Prabal Gurung, producer Judd Apatow, New York Giant Mark Herzlich and CBS News’ Alex Wagner.

CBS News

ALEX WAGNER: As you watch these stories unfold, every day there is a new story. There is a new Washington Post story, a New York Times story. There’s a story on the internet. …I’m sure for a lot of men there’s fear, right? …Where are you guys as this all unfolds? Judd?

JUDD APATOW: It’s certainly a tidal wave that’s happening. But I look at it like isn’t it amazing that so many people have felt the need to be silent for so long. How terrible must the environment be that right now as a result of the internet, and as a result of just, you know, a confluence of events, people feel safe speaking up?

WAGNER: Just this week Ken Friedman, Mario Batali….High-profile restaurateurs go down. And yet, kitchens are places where this behavior has gone unchecked for decades. So what’s the answer here, Tom?

TOM COLICCHIO: I think – and you’re right – it has been going on for decades, and I think the answer is, and I think we’re seeing the answer….There’s a cultural shift happening right before our eyes right now and that’s where the struggle is. But until we take it…

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