When Trump isn’t running against Clinton, even voters in Trumpland are less supportive

President Trump drew an interesting analogy on Twitter over the weekend.

The comparison is … a little strained. Clinton didn’t “illegally” get any debate questions; CNN contributor Donna Brazile sent a question to her campaign and lost her role with the network as a result. The 33,000 (or so) emails that were deleted from her personal server were determined by Clinton’s lawyers to not be work-related and therefore didn’t need to be turned over to the State Department.

But this isn’t really about drawing a one-to-one analogy between what Clinton did and what Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., did. (In case you were on vacation last week, Trump Jr. eagerly agreed to receive negative information about Clinton in a meeting in June 2016, despite being told that the information came from the Russian government.) Instead, it’s about continuing to position Hillary Clinton as his foil, well past the Nov. 8, 2016, sell-by date.

Why? A new survey from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal offers some insight.

The pollsters polled a number of counties that were significant in Trump’s 2016 victory. They fell into three categories: Counties Trump won, counties that Trump won despite Barack Obama winning them in 2012, and counties that Trump won by a much wider margin than Mitt Romney did four years prior.

In all Trump counties, half of respondents approve of the job he’s doing in office — a much better evaluation than Trump gets in the country on the whole.

In those counties that flipped, he is a bit underwater, with a net minus-7 approval rating — still well above the minus-22 net rating he received nationally in…

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