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Miss something this week? We’ve got you. Here’s this week’s consumer cheat sheet.

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Inflatable mattress (prices)

So, that bed you got for a bargain? That deal may be less dreamy than you thought.

The Competition Bureau says that Hudson’s Bay artificially inflated the regular prices of its mattresses in order to make their sale prices look like a better deal. 

Free Wi-Fi? Not so fast

Before you take advantage of free Wi-Fi next time you’re shopping or grabbing coffee, you may want to check what you’re signing up for.

One woman found out the hard way: She stopped to buy some smokes, but the targeted ads followed her out of the store.

Here are more good tips about phone privacy

About your beef

(Jacques Boissinot/Canadian Press)

Health Canada just approved the sale of irradiated ground beef, which means your meat could be treated with ionizing radiation, similar to X-rays.

The move is designed to make meat safer from bugs like E. coli and salmonella as well as make the beef last longer on store shelves. 

Lost in transit

OCAD student Henrique Alves de Assis had a daily count on Twitter tallying the number of days Air Canada had taken to find his missing bag. (Joe Fiorino)

Some good news (sort of) and some bad news for Air Canada customers this week.

One month after the airline lost a Brazilian student’s luggage, he got his bag back with all its contents intact.

A young golfer, however, only found out what happened to the clubs Air Canada lost after her father saw them for sale on Kijiji.

What else is going on?

Collect PC Plus rewards? Here’s what’s going on with those breached accounts.

That guy who paid off his mortgage in three years has a book about beating back your mortgage debt.

And, this week in recalls: SodaStream bottles that can pop, organic baby powder that can harm your babe, and light-up rubber duckies

Testing fast food…

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