What would a 'transitional' Brexit deal for the UK be?

Theresa May has reportedly raised the prospect of the UK entering a transitional Brexit arrangement with the rest of the European Union in 2019 rather than going through a total rupture.

She told the CBI today that UK businesses wanted to avoid a “cliff edge” in two years’ time.

A Downing Street spokesman later said that a “range of issues” are being explored by officials – although they later tried to dampen speculation about what these were.

But what would a transitional deal with the EU look like and what would it mean in practical terms?

What is a transition deal?

We don’t know for sure since the Prime Minister is still playing her cards extremely close to her chest, giving zero detail away.

But such a deal is widely presumed to involve Britain leaving the EU, as planned, in 2019 but immediately entering a close trading relationship with the rest…

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