What to See and Do After Frieze London

For more contemporary objects in a range of budgets, head to the Contemporary Ceramics Center across from The British Museum. With shelves of colorful mugs, plates, bowls and sculptures, this is a quiet, uncrowded place to discover Britons whose inspiration in clay and porcelain translates into usable artworks. A free exhibition of new works by the potter Jack Doherty of Northern Ireland begins on Thursday.

From Palette to Palate

The trend of chefs bringing international street food indoors (and charging accordingly) continues at the new outpost of Hoppers, bringing Sri Lankan dishes to the edge of the tony Marylebone district. Larger and airier than its Soho location, where lines begin to form by 5 p.m., this Hoppers accepts limited reservations for its less-dense dining room. Those unfamiliar with Sri Lanka’s savory curries, crispy breads and aromatic relishes will want to try the “Feast,” which at 28.5 pounds, or $38.76, includes at least six different small dishes with all the trimmings. There is also a “Vegetarian Feast” for the same price. Cocktails are fun and vary from the lighter cucumber-scented arrack and ginger beer creation “Arrack Attack No. 2” (£9.5) to the heavier “Master Blaster,” with whiskeylike notes and a frozen coconut ice ball that slowly melts to add sweetness to the smoky drink (£10).

Hitting the Books

Libraries are not always musty places of yore with treasures out of view for only the privileged few. At the British Library, you can see Magna Carta, the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci and Jane Austen, and lyrics handwritten by the Beatles. And beginning on Friday, the free exhibition “Listen: 140 Years of Recorded Sound” invites you into booths to hear rare recordings.


The new outpost of Hoppers brings Sri Lankan dishes to the edge of the tony Marylebone district.

Seeking the Peace

London is a city of squares, many of…

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