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Fans of Studio Ghibli in Jakarta can finally experience the Japanese animation world created by the famed studio, as the exhibition opened its 39-day exhibition in the Pacific Place Ballroom on Thursday.

Several installations at the ‘The World of Ghibli’ exhibition on its first opening day however were still under construction due to technical difficulties, as stated on its website.

Studio Ghibli president Koji Hoshino along with an interpreter, led an introductory tour to the first group of visitors on Thursday, where he cited the goal to achieve a perfect exhibition as the reason behind delayed completion. 

The event in the Indonesian capital city, which will run until Sept. 17, is the biggest exhibition of its kind held outside of Japan. 

“That is why we want it to be done properly,” Hoshino said on Wednesday as quoted by tempo.co

Here are some of the installation to look out for at the exhibition:


The Laputa robot from Laputa: Castle in the Sky ( 1986 ) stands tall to greet visitors at the exhibition.

In comparison to the Laputa figure sitting on the rooftop of the Ghibli museum in Japan, the version displayed in Jakarta is more alike to the one in the film, Antara news reported.

“Every Ghibli film has a distinctive symbol that is recognizable,” Hoshino said, adding that Laputa is one of the characters that is most recognizable from the film. 

Other than the robot, there is also the Flappter, an aircraft that looks like a dragonfly from the same animation.

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Spirited Away

A giant version of the bath house featured in the animation film Spirited Away is also displayed at the exhibition.

Hoshino referred to the contents of the quirky bath house as an analogy to the contents of Hayao Miyazaki’s head, noting that is it very creative.

Porco Rosso

The old red plane from Porco Rosso stands prominently in the exhibition area.

Hoshino revealed the interest of famous animator Hayao Miyazaki…

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