What Does Eye Surgery Mean?

Eye Surgeries of Refractive Errors

Goal for refractive eye surgery is to fix eyes with errors in vision and also reduce reliance of glasses and contact lenses. Refractive eye surgery is generally known as eye laser surgery or eye’s laser operation because normally it’s used to use Excimer lasers in operations. Refractive operations will help in cases like myopia, hypertonia and astigmatism. KSA Silmäkeskus is intended to fix myopia.

Methods in Refractive Eye Surgery

The most typical repair methods can be shared in two different groups: methods, which need valve on eye’s surface (Matrix LASIK) and touch-free methods (Flow). In first method before processing with cornea from its surface will remove a little valve which will replace after laser surgery. In touch-free operation will operate with laser corneas front (stroma). This kind of operation will not demand operation in eye tissue which will reduce risk of injuries.

Benefits and Risks during Eye Surgery

The main benefit is mainly that there will be independence to glasses or contact lenses. Moreover that one eye operation will be financially multiple less than the money which will spend during the years for glasses and lenses.

Nowadays eye surgeries are extremely safe but nonetheless there are various risks which can affect to result for example, corneal and retina diseases, pregnancy and medical problems (diabetes, glaucoma, autoimmune disease). Before every surgeon will there be thorough investigation where doctors…

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