PORTAGE, MICH. – At the Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Center, just outside of Kalamazoo, you can soar through clouds into an experience on par with some of the best air and space museums in the country. 

“We’ve got some incredible artifacts, some airplanes that are the only one of their kind in the world like the SR 71 Blackbird. So many historic aircraft and spacecraft,” said Troy Thrash, the President and CEO of the Air Zoo. “We’re also all about STEAM, science, technology, engineering, art and math. We want to bring the science and technology of this spacecraft to life for kids.”

And there’s no shortage of fun, the Air Zoo has incredible rides include 3D flight simulators that kids of all ages have the opportunity to take advantage of. Thrash says that every single square-inch of the Air Zoo is not only fun, but educational too.

“We have a space area that traces human space flight, primarily in the United States, but also around the world,” Thrash explained. “Just the idea that in 50 years we went from finally sending some satellites into orbit to landing on the moon and returning.”

This summer the Air Zoo has an exciting exhibit called Aliens and Androids. The exhibit focuses on how we have “robotically explored our solar system,” as well as thinking about the planets that we discover and what those alien worlds might really be like.

“It’s done in a really cool pop culture kind of way,” Thrash said. “So, you can visit C3PO and R2D2.” The Aliens and Androids exhibit will run until September 10.

The Air Zoo also has a restoration area — currently two World War II air crafts…