Webnames.ca, Canada’s Original Domain Registrar, Launches Domain Aftermarket

Webnames.ca, a leading provider of Internet solutions in Canada and the original .CA domain name registrar, continues to enhance its product portfolio by offering innovative solutions. Webnames.ca (http://www.webnames.ca) has now launched its Domain Aftermarket, a marketplace where its customers can buy and sell domain names. “A gateway to great names,” the domain aftermarket helps startups, businesses and brands find their ideal web address by exposing them to premium domains that are available to purchase every time they do a domain search.

A leader in BC’s business community and a determined advocate for businesses, Webnames.ca CEO Cybele Negris (http://www.cybele.ceo) moved to incorporate a marketplace for premium domains into Webnames product lineup after realizing that increasing numbers of businesses are beginning to understand the branding, search engine and marketing benefits of a relevant, compelling or memorable domain name. By offering a market to purchase premium domains owned by 3rd parties, prospective registrants would have a larger field of names to choose from, and potentially purchase the exact domain name they had originally envisaged for their brand, or a suitable alternative.

Unlike some of their competitors, Webnames.ca’s domain aftermarket is not an auction site, nor will it offer domains that are expiring. Webnames.ca wants domain buyers to be secure in the knowledge that they will actually get the domain name that they have added to their shopping cart. Many businesses don’t want to wait 3 days for a domain auction to end, with the potential that they could be outbid at the last minute, or cross their fingers that they will be the lucky buyer of an expiring domain name. Webnames wants to enable businesses to move forward and begin using their new domain…

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