'We actually don't want children to die': Feehan defends NDP record on child welfare

Indigenous Affairs Minister Richard Feehan mounted a blazing defence of child care workers during a rare emergency debate on the child intervention system in the Alberta legislature Monday.

Feehan, a social worker for 34 years who worked with sexually abused children, said he was sick of hearing people say that front-line workers don’t care. 

“I do care. And if I get told one more time that I don’t care, I am going to ask that person how much they have done over the last 34 years,” Feehan shouted at the opposition.

“How many kids they have seen who came in their door when they were six years old who were sexually abused because they lived in a house with 12 people and there were bedrooms only for six?

“What do they do about the housing on reserves? What do they do about the fact we don’t have water on reserves? What do they do about the fact teachers on reserves are…

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