Watch: Ready, set, roll: Log rolling comes to the UW

Boosters of the sport want the University of Washington to have an Olympic log-rolling team, eventually. Log rolling is also a good workout.

It looked like it might be easy.

The brightly colored, large tube was floating so harmlessly, playfully almost, in the pool at the University of Washington’s Intramural Activities Building, that it practially begged people to step out and try it.

And that’s just what a group of fitness instructors and a UW aquatics director did over the weekend when the Key Logs — portable, synthetic “logs” created by a family of champion log rollers — were first slipped into the pool.

The UW bought four Key Logs as part of the recreation department’s efforts to get nontraditional athletes involved in physical activities, according to aquatics and safety manager Justin Berry.

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The UW is joining about 400 other clubs, summer camps, universities, military training facilities and fitness centers in seven countries that have over the past few years either created a log-rolling team or are teaching the sport as a fitness activity.

UW students and faculty will have a chance to try log rolling at the intramural pool when classes are held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 27, Feb. 3 and 10. If there’s enough interest, said instructor Sarah Beron, the school will hold competitions and begin building a team.

Log rolling isn’t foreign to the UW. Read the full article at…

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