Warning: New phone scam involves the Blue Cross Blue Shield name

by: Theo Thimou

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If you’re struggling with the cost of health care, wouldn’t it be nice to finally get a break by finding an affordable insurance seller?

Be wary if you get a call promising just that and saying it’s coverage from a big-name insurer like Blue Cross and Blue Shield…

It could be a scam!

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The Attorney General of Nebraska has issued a warning about an outfit called Simple Health that offers health insurance supposedly through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska at below-market prices.

The alleged scammers, believed to be located in Florida, have been working the phones calling Nebraska residents and promising cheap health care policies.

When they get you on the line, they convince you you’re going to get deeply discounted rates. Then they get your personal info and set up monthly recurring transactions on your credit card.

The only problem is those who’ve been taken in this scam say they never receive proof of coverage or insurance cards.

So you’re paying for nothing!

Making matters worse, the scammers reportedly do everything possible to…

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