Want to beat traffic in King County? The push is on: Work without going to work

Telecommuting accounted for just over 3 percent of morning commutes to downtown Seattle in 2016, according to a survey of businesses from nonprofit Commute Seattle. Nearly 10 times as many people drove to work alone

Five years ago, as tunnel-boring Bertha was about to arrive in Seattle, local transportation officials huddled together to talk about what they could do to ease the traffic disruptions that would inevitably come during the tunnel’s construction.

One of the ideas they came up with: Make it easier for workers to work without going to work. Each person working from home is one less person driving through downtown or taking up space on a crowded bus.

For the last five years, King County Metro has run what it calls WorkSmart, a free consulting service to help businesses set up telecommuting programs for their employees.

Do you telecommute? Let us know

We’re interested on how often and where you work when you telecommute, and what helped you decide to make the change. What challenges did you encountering in adjusting to telecommuting? Or maybe you tried it, but it didn’t work out. Contact reporter Michelle Baruchman at mbaruchman@seattletimes.com or 206-652-6588 to share your experiences.

We may publish your story as part of Traffic Lab’s coverage of alternative forms of commuting.

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