Walch Education’s High School Math Curriculum Improves Learning Experience With Enhanced Navigation Tool

Walch’s High School Math curriculum is now easier to navigate with the addition of Atomic Curriculum Tools (ACT) by Atomic Jolt.

ACT improves the experience for learners and teachers by organizing large amounts of content within Instructure Canvas. Before the integration of ACT, navigating large curriculum, such as Walch’s High School Math, often proved very challenging. ACT adds the ability to search course content and to manage and browse content using a visual hierarchy. In addition, ACT saves students time by returning them to the content they most recently left, removing the need to scroll through a long list of content.

“It’s important to remember that technology is supposed to enhance learning,” said Joel Duffin, CEO of Atomic Jolt. “We want to make online learning more enjoyable and effective for students of all ages.”

Walch Education is a leading developer and publisher of mathematics resources, assessments and implementation services for both the Integrated and the Traditional Pathways for High School Math. Walch High School Math resources have been tailored and adapted to align with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Mathematics, the Georgia Standards of Excellence, the Utah Core Standards for Mathematics, the Mathematics Florida Standards, the West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Mathematics, and the Common Core State Standards (both SBAC and PARCC).

Additionally, Walch works to further build and adapt high school math curriculum around specific strategies and objectives within partnering school districts, using a flexible, problem-based design that supports extensive instructional and assessment components.

“We often work with school districts who have adopted Canvas, and naturally want our resources natively hosted there,” said Al Noyes, Walch…

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