Wake County schools using new language arts, math materials

Language arts and math classes in Wake County are using the same playbook for the first time in many years, but the way students are learning is changing as schools move away from traditional paper textbooks.

For the first time since the recession in Wake, the same materials are being used in language arts classes in third- and sixth-grades and in Math I classes in high schools and middle schools. The new online material is free, and teachers are changing their methods so students work more in groups and don’t rely on traditional multiple-choice tests to show what they’re learning.

Wake school leaders and some teachers say the changes are a needed boost to improve how students are taught in the 21st century.

“Our kids are having a newfound love of learning because they’re really getting it,” said Holly Rupert, a sixth-grade teacher at East Wake Middle School near Knightdale.

In May, the Wake County school system picked EL Education and the Mathematics Vision Project as their new providers for, respectively, language arts in elementary and middle schools and high school math. Wake selected those education nonprofit groups over the materials offered by the big textbook publishers.

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