Volunteers pitch in as deadline looms for homeless along Santa Ana River to move

ANAHEIM – A month ago, with OC Public Works crews poised to remove his tent encampment on the east side of the Santa Ana River, Arnold Campos wasn’t sure what his next move would be. Maybe he’d relocate to the other side of the river — but only if county officials weren’t bluffing.

They weren’t.

On Wednesday, with only a day left before the dozens of tents and hundreds of homeless people inside them all were required to leave under a county-imposed deadline, Campos moved to a shady spot close enough to throw a baseball and hit the Big A sign at Angel Stadium.

A short chain-link fence now separates his tent and a growing number of others from the stadium’s parking lot.

It’s unclear whether the homeless will be shooed from where they are settling now on the west bank of the river in clusters of makeshift dwellings stretching north past the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center to Ball Road and south past the gated Renaissance apartment complex at Chapman Avenue and on the east side north to Taft Avenue.

The uncertainty didn’t stop Donald Dermit, who is known to the homeless as “Pastor Donald,” and a handful of other advocates from racing against the clock to help people clear out from a mile-long stretch of county property where the public works department plans to store boulders and sand for use in flood control.

Dermit has gone tent to tent warning people of the urgency and letting them know he’d be back with pickup…

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