Vinegar Syndrome’s Latest Bring Blood, Love, and Other Bodily Fluids Home

We take a look at ‘Psychos In Love,’ ‘Orgy of the Dead,’ ‘Trip with the Teacher,’ and more!

If, like me, you love the smell of Vinegar Syndrome in the morning, then the label’s most recent batch of releases will leave you inhaling deeply for hours on end. Clearly that metaphor got away from me in record time, but the point is VS’ September 2017 releases offer up yet another unique look into the odd, wonderful, and weird cinema of years gone by.

Psychos in Love (1986)

Love is tough in the modern world, and few people know the struggle as well as Joe (Carmine Capobianco) the strip club proprietor. He brings new women home every night, but none of them seem to last. In their defense, he’s killing them off in violent, gruesome ways, but no one said love would be easy. His routine takes a hit, though, when he meets Kate (Debi Thibeault), a manicurist whose nocturnal hobbies also include slaughtering random one-night stands. Of course they fall in love.

There’s nothing subtle about this mid 80s slasher-themed rom-com as the only thing broader than the laughs are the performances. The amateur nature of it doesn’t get in the way of the charm, though, as the blood and T&A hold the attention as the humor creeps up on you. There are sporadic smiles early on, but the back half is where the big laughs kick in as the already loose reins are released entirely. The fourth wall is broken, the plot takes a turn with a cannibalistic plumber, and Joe goes off on multiple tirades against grapes.

The leads begin referencing earlier scenes — by scene number — knock boom mics out of the way, and even pause to tell the effects crew to stop pumping excessive amounts of fake blood during a scene. Joe and Kate also pop up in b&w interview segments as if this is a documentary or dating site video (well before there were dating site videos), and while the focus is on the slasher antics and laughs the film takes time to riff on romantic comedy conventions along the way….

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