Village Council approves “Higher Fine Zone”, doubles fine for speeders around schools

Village Council has approved a new Traffic Code Order, “Higher Fine Zone”, around two schools.

The new zones, within 1,000 feet of the schools’ property line, will double the fine for speeding motorists during posted school hours.

The higher fine zones took effect immediately and are indefinite.

Schools affected

• These are the first two schools in Milford, approved by village council, that have designated higher fine zones


• Johnson Elementary School Zone, General Motors Road, east and west of Mill Street within the village limits

• Muir Middle School Zone, George Street from North Main Street east of First Street and First Street north of George Street

Police Chief Tom Lindberg said although there have been no serious accidents near these two schools recently, there is one major issue addressed by residents time and time again.

“Our biggest issue for sure in the village is the speeding in our neighborhoods,” said Lindberg. “These two schools are near neighborhoods. We started a program, which helps to make sure motorists drive slow in the neighborhoods. These higher fine zones are just adding to what we’ve been doing.”

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“We enforce everything equally in the vilage but we will try to have a little more presence at the schools within these posted higher fine zone hours,” said Lindberg.


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