Video: Anglers photograph great white shark caught off Huntington, authorities investigating

“Pull, pull, pull!” a person yelled as a baby great white was lifted higher, hitting the concrete pier pillars on its way up toward people armed with cameras, some appearing to inch closer to get a selfie with the 6-foot shark.

The cheers rang out as the shark’s body was pulled up toward the spectators watching on Huntington Beach Pier.

“Hey, take a picture fast,” one man screamed out.

That video of what appears to be anglers catching a great white shark off Huntington Beach is being investigated by authorities, a catch that could result in a stiff fine up to $10,000. Capturing a shark, a protected species, is illegal.

“My first thought is, the fisherman needs to be informed on what type of fish they are catching and ignorance is no excuse,” said Huntington Beach Marine Safety Lt. Claude Panis. “You have to be an educated fisherman.”

The video is the latest in a string of great white sightings and encounters in recent weeks, and the third catch off Huntington Beach Pier this month. In the other two instances, the sharks were released back into the water, so there were no fines imposed.

An angler’s catch off Sunset Beach earlier this week went viral when an 8-foot great white was caught from shore, but the shark was quickly returned to the ocean after the fisherman realized what he had captured. In the same area Friday, a 12-foot great white was spotted by a police helicopter and a two-mile stretch of ocean was shut down.

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