Veterans, nurse, and teacher among the dead in Las Vegas shooting

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Details have emerged of some of those killed when Stephen Paddock opened fire on innocent concert-goers in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Chris Roybal, 28, was a Navy veteran from Southern California who had recently returned from Afghanistan.

In his last public Facebook post, back in July, Roybal related what he says when people ask him: “What’s it like being shot at?”

“A question people ask because it’s something that less that 1% of our American population will ever experience,” he wrote.

“My response has always been the same, not one filled with a sense of pride or ego, but an answer filled with truth and genuine fear/anger,” he said, adding that over time, the “excitement fades and the anger is all that’s left”.

His friend and fellow Navy “shipmate” Matthew Austin wrote on Facebook: “It breaks my heart and infuriates me that a veteran can come home from war unharmed and events like these occur.”

“He went to combat and came back without being injured, and then goes to a concert and dies,” Roybal’s mother told NBC4.

An off-duty Las Vegas police officer is among those who died. He was identified by friends speaking to the Las Vegas Review-Journal as 34-year-old Charleston Hartfield, a military veteran who also coached youth football.

The Tennessean reports the death of Sonny Melton, 29. The paper quotes his wife, Heather, as saying the nurse, from Big Sandy, saved her life by grabbing her as the shooting started. She says he was shot in the back.

A woman from West Virginia, Denise Burditus, was at the festival with her husband Tony. He later wrote on Facebook that she died in his arms. She was a mother of two and “soon to be a grandmother of five”, he wrote.

A special education teacher from Manhattan Beach in California, Sandy Casey, died after being shot in the back. She was with her fiancé, Christopher Willemse at the concert….

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