Versare Announces Appetizing New Line of Colors for Acoustical Fabric

Work Fort Desktop Privacy Panels in Caramel and Key Lime fabric

Versare’s Appetizing New Line of Colors for Acoustical Fabric

Versare Solutions, LLC, is proud to announce a new line of colors for its premium portable partitions and sound panels. The four colors all have delicious names: raspberry, caramel, burnt orange, and key lime. Like the other colors available from Versare, these new colors come in the same premium acoustical fabric and our products are built in Versare’s Minneapolis warehouse. The biggest sellers are two Versare’s smaller sound products, Work Forts and Sound Stones.

As for how the acoustical panels trap sound, an outer layer of acoustical fabric covers a second layer of 100% recyclable 2000g density sound-absorbing nonwoven polyester. A third layer of rigid, mineral board honeycomb then traps sound at the core. Acoustic panels and partitions benefit places like offices, classrooms, and churches because they decrease distracting noise and help improve focus. Decreasing the echo effect is also helpful in places like restaurants and hotels, where excessive noise can make for an unpleasant guest experience.

With the newly available colors, business owners can brighten drab décor or enhance existing bright colors in an environment. Each color is as pleasing to the eye as it is soothing to the ear and would surely perk up a student or employee who needs motivation.

About Versare:

Versare Solutions, Inc. is a Minneapolis-based manufacturer and retailer of portable room dividers, privacy screens, partitions, barricades, and other portable products. Versare handles the manufacturing and shipping of all products directly from their MN headquarters, with most products being built in the USA….

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