Vengreso Announces the Merger of Seven Digital Leaders to Offer the Most Comprehensive Solutions to Digital Sales Transformation

Vengreso | The Digital Sales Transformation Company

“The founders’ collective experience and their approach to digital sales transformation, makes Vengreso the leader in the field of digital sales and marketing services,” says Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO of Selling Power Magazine.

Vengreso announced today a seven-way merger comprised of leaders in sales and marketing to deliver a full spectrum of digital sales transformation services. The company is founded by sales and social selling expert Mario Martinez Jr., along with six co-founders. The founding team has earned recognition by media and industry peers as experts in digital marketing, sales and social selling practices. Collectively, the Vengreso founders have trained more than 85,000 professionals across more than 2,000 companies.

The company is filling a void in the market by integrating content marketing and talent recruiting with digital sales training services.

By working with business professionals to align marketing with sales to provide the needed mindset, skillset and toolset in digital and social media channels, Vengreso enables professionals to engage online effectively, build their personal brand, grow their network, attract buyers and accelerate revenue.

The Vengreso approach has been developed for small business and Fortune 50 companies alike. The founding leadership team is:

Mario Martinez Jr., Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Colleen McKenna, Co-Founder and Chief Administrative Officer

Kurt Shaver, Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer

Brynne Tillman, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer

Phil Gerbyshak, Co-Founder and Chief Digital Officer

Viveka von Rosen, Co-Founder and Chief Visibility Officer

Bernie Borges, Co-Founder and…

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