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LOS ANGELES — “Fresh Off the Boat” star Randall Park has been able to turn up in a number of film and television projects over the last two years as everything from the governor of Minnesota (on “Veep”) to Amy Schumer’s jerky boyfriend (in “Snatched”).

Toss in roles in “Office Christmas Party,” “The House,” “Dr. Ken” and “Angie Tribeca” and it’s clear he’s enjoying the spoils of success.

“It’s so much fun to play different things,” Park explains. “Sometimes I’ll do it for a friend or someone I’ve worked with before and they’ll call up and say, ‘You want to have fun for a day?’ It’s different every time.”

The extracurricular work lets Park remind directors he’s not just the stoic dad with the big heart. He also can be someone fairly cutthroat (like dictator Kim Jong-un in “The Interview”) or dopey.

“I’ve always felt if you want to make a living in this industry, you kind of have to push yourself to have a little bit of range. A lot of Asian-American actors have more range than a lot of other actors because there’s not as much work. When they ask for an Asian-American actor, they see every Asian actor, just because there aren’t that many. So you have to push yourself to find your comfort zone with other roles.”

“Snatched,” Park says, was a real treat because “I always felt that was in my wheelhouse. I always wanted to do a romantic comedy. That was the genre I loved growing up.”

While he was keen on watching pop culture hits as a child, his parents insisted on tuning in Korean-language shows. “I wanted to watch all the things that were cool. They didn’t really care for that too much.”

Korean immigrants, Park’s parents had careers in business. “It was a long time coming for them to leave and be OK with me being an actor,” he says. Now, “it’s…

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