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A physical therapist who spent his career helping large companies find solutions to preventing injuries, Sharik Peck didn’t spend time thinking he could come up with a commercial product to help people with their chronic pain.

“I didn’t think I was smart enough for that,” Peck, a Cache Valley native, said, laughing. “I grew up working on the farms.”

But recently, Peck became inspired to find a solution to his wife’s back pain and created the Rezzimax TUNER, a hand-held device that uses vibrations on different parts of the body to ease pain.

Just a few months after the product launch, doctors at the University of Utah, medical practices in Logan other parts of the state have already bought the hand-held device. On Monday, Peck and his son, Jayden, are traveling to the Philippines to teach classes and sell the Rezzimax TUNER to medical professionals.

“I firmly believe that there are zillions of people that need what we’ve created,” Peck said. “All over the world, there are people suffering from chronic pain. … We’re getting hooked on zillions of dollars of drugs, but it’s not helping us find great solutions.”

Peck’s success in selling the Rezzimax TUNER led him to launch a Kickstarter page to help him raise the funds to produce more of the devices.

Peck’s Rezzimax TUNER uses vibrations given to pressure points at the right and left sides of the body to bring balance to the brain and nervous system. Rezzimax TUNER is ideal for chronic pain from the head, jaw and neck.

“There wasn’t anything out there so we had to create it,” Peck said. “I knew that vibration would be helpful for the nervous system. I knew it would be better than even electrical simulation.”

Rezzimax TUNER consists of a handle with buttons to adjust the 10 levels of…

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