Vaastu Shastra: Taking care of each nook

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What can be better than laying a foundation of building, home or office incorporating mental peace, health, wealth etc. Art and designing of the building matter a lot. These both components are basis of constructing and utmost care for fruitful nurturing of a building's establishments.


To leave no room for errors or flaws, people are now preferring to have words with the vaastu consultants. Indian science of architecture, Vaastu Shastra, is prevalent since ancient times in country. Sages and rishis created vaastu shastra for the welfare of society and entire humanity. The trend of this architecture is not just familiar in current times but in ancient times human habitats were built according to the tips suggested by vaastu consultants and people lived in calm and peace.


With the passage of time people started ignoring traditions and cultures. Similarly, this age old practice took back seat. No wonder but people have also experienced all kinds of problem. Even in the ongoing times, people of south India still follow the tips suggested by this great Hindu tradition and are far more prospering and happy than other Indians.


Vaastu shastra tells about the rules of construction. With the proper establishment of buildings, villages, towns, cities we can invite happiness and peace. Energy flow is also given due importance in it and also draw inferences from the nature.


There are five vital elements of vaastu have their own unique role to play. Earth, tops the list as the construction place matters a lot. Suitability of place can be checked congenial environment, greenery and availability of water. Water is another vital aspect and its placement direction should be properly looked. Fire resembles energy and should only be placed in south east direction. Air is another significant factor and all air sources...

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