Using Self-Hypnosis With The Metaphoric Relationship Enhancer

I wrote this article on my wedding anniversary and so was delighted to be writing about using self-hypnosis for enhancing relationships.

Last weekend, my wife and I were dogsitting for a family pet; Mick the dog; a very good looking, incredibly well-behaved 10 year old Border Collie.

We took him out for a couple of very long walks over to our local beach, we went through the wooded area, up to the top of the clifftop, back down the other side onto the pebble beach and all the way back along the beach.

It was at this beach, that Mick decided to initiate the stick throwing and fetching game. He found a stick, a piece of driftwood that he took to. He would trot in front of me, turn back, look at me and plop it on the floor. Then he’d take a couple of steps backwards whilst looking at me, crouching and ready. I would then pick up the soggy, chewed, dribble and sand covered stick…

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