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State Dept. Tweets, Deletes Kudos to Iranian Director for Oscar Win (Trevin)

The deletion was in response to director Asghar Farhad’s comments made in protest of Trump’s travel ban.

When Six Figures Just Makes Ends Meet (Russ)

Doesn’t a cool six-figure salary of $700,000, or even $100,000. sound nice? Well for SIlicon Valley employees, it’s much too low.

Germany: No Debt Relief for Greece (Jeff C.)

“There must not be a bail-in,” said Germany’s deputy finance minister. The insistence is that the IMF will still work out a solution with the beleaguered country, and Greece’s debt will not need to be written-off.

After Google Grounds Its Drone Project, Facebook Ramps Up Flights (Trevin)

Facebook, Inc. will soon ramp up test flights of its solar-powered Aquila drone.

CEOs Predict More Media Consolidation Under Trump FCC (Jimmy)

David Sirota writes, “A small handful of companies control most of the media in America — and according to two powerful CEOs, major media conglomerates may be given the ability to further consolidate the industry. That long-sought deregulatory gift would come from the media industry’s most famous critic, Donald Trump.”

Establishment vs Progressive Wing in DNC Chair Vote? (Jimmy)

Tom Perez has been voted the new DNC chair, beating the initial frontrunner Keith Ellison who had support from both establishment and progressive Democrats. But was the push for Perez, including by the Obama White House, another power play against the Bernie Sanders wing?

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