Unused MCU Concept Art

It’s no surprise that the creation of any movie — let alone a superhero movie — results in a lot of unused footage being left on the cutting room floor. In the age of director’s cuts, extended editions and deleted scenes however, fans of the superhero genre are treated to all the little pieces of plot, characterization and scene-setting that would’ve otherwise been stripped from the movie entirely. It’s a great way to ensure all the superfluous time and energy that goes into making these cut scenes feel worth it. But what about concept artists?

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The sheer amount of concept art created for a feature film is truly mind-boggling, with even the smallest details getting pages and pages of potential designs. Some of the hardest working and least appreciated people in the business, concept artists pour their blood, sweat and tears into these projects, only for the vast majority of their work to never even see the light of day. It’s a real shame, especially when you stumble across little pieces of concept art that are infinitely more interesting than what appeared in the final product. In the spirit of that thought, let’s take a look at 15 pieces of concept art we wish made the movie.


One of the more imposing members of HYDRA, Baron Strucker briefly appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He was built up to be an important antagonist in the MCU, only to be unceremoniously murdered by Ultron after giving himself up the authorities in a way that just didn’t feel like the character.

This concept art for Strucker suggests that the character may have had a more antagonistic role at one point however, considering the inclusion of Strucker’s ‘Satan Claw’ in the artwork. For those who are unaware, Strucker’s Satan Claw is a cybernetically-enhanced gauntlet that gives him a whole host of superhuman abilities including super-strength, energy projection…

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