Understanding your Broadband Data Consumption

It is important to understand how much data you are using if you have a limit to the package you are on. There are many packages these days that offer unlimited broadband. However, many come with 20 gigabytes, 40 gigabytes, 100 gigabytes, or another amount of data. Mobile broadband frequently comes with much less, and pay as you go normally tops out at below 10 gigabytes per month. Understanding how much data usage you utilize becomes more important as the amount of data availability you have decreases

Monitor your usage

It is important to monitor how much you use. Mobile broadband providers normally have an interface through which you can se how much data you have used and how much you have left. Keep your eye on it so that you do not run out and end up being  stuck without internet. Similarly, home broadband provides an interface, normally web-based, through which you can understand the pattern of your usage.

How much internet do different activities consume?

Here is the low down on average consumption that different activities will utilize on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Web browsing

Normal web browsing consumes around 20 megabytes of data per hour. If you are downloading files, watching videos, and listening to audio, this could be a lot more though.

Music video

Streaming low quality music videos consumes around 40 megabytes each. Obviously, longer videos will take a lot more.  A high quality single video tends to consume around 200 megabytes of data.


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