Two Military Veterans Partner to Launch New Employee Appreciation Concept, Reports

Exclusive AttaCoin “Sidecar” Box

Our mission is to help all deserving people feel more appreciated.

Known for their employee recognition tools and for their leadership blog, AttaCoin has announced a system that combines their awards with high quality, hand-made wooden displays suitable for use in any office.

AttaCoin’s main product, which was already on the market, is a series of 5 different 1.75” employee appreciation coins. The exclusive designs were developed by Allan Peretz, a US Army veteran who served as an Infantry soldier in Operation Desert Storm, and his wife Lisa Peretz. Each coin recognizes a different employee attribute or accomplishment and features designs with business-friendly imagery. Coins are available to recognize Creativity, Mastery & Skill, Leadership, Effort, and Teamwork. Each solid metal coin is factory minted then coated with highly reflective nickel. Coins are then painted in enamel in up to 5 different colors and coated with an epoxy layer that can provide decades of protection.

With this news release, AttaCoin has added their own line of wooden stands to complement the coins. The new stands, crafted from American walnut, are individually Made in the USA by James Hankison, a US Air Force Veteran. Stands are specifically designed to hold between 1 and 5 of AttaCoin’s appreciation awards. An employee who earns all 5 designs will have a “full set” to show on their desk with pride. Hankison finishes each rack with linseed oil for a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Said AttaCoin’s Peretz, “We’ve been searching worldwide for about a year for a coin display option that would complement our high-quality awards. We’re so glad that we found a beautiful option in the USA and, even better,…

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