‘Twin Peaks’ Recap: Come Blow Your Horne

Twin Peaks has given us a new monster to fear, and his name is Richard Horne. He’s not a creature from the Black Lodge like Bob or the Woodsmen, at least as far as we know. He’s just Ben and Sylvia Horne‘s piece-of-shit grandson, which would make Audrey Horne – Sherilyn Fenn’s girl-next-door femme fatale, still unseen in the show’s astonishing third season – his mother. His father? Good question, although given reports of Dale Cooper‘s Bob-ppelganger skulking around the young woman’s hospital bed 25 years ago after the events of the Season Two finale, we may not want to hear the answer.

We know a lot more about this scumbag by the end of this episode, however, than we did before. He assaults women in bars and runs over children in the street. He murders accomplices and witnesses alike, including the friendly schoolteacher who saw him behind the wheel during that awful hit-and-run. He threatens his own grandmother, robbing her and nearly choking her to death while a bizarre toy repeats “Hello, Johnny! How are you today?” As a side note, he gives orders to Chet, the crooked-as-hell deputy in the Sheriff’s Department, to help him to cover up the crimes.

The brutality of Richard’s attacks is difficult to bear, no matter how director David Lynch chooses to shoot them – whether he leaves the camera outside the schoolteacher’s trailer, only entering the scene after the killer exits, or getting us so close to the dirtbag’s obscenity-laden assault on his own grandmother that we’re all but made complicit. Who will tell Miriam’s kindergarten students why she’s no longer their teacher? How can Mrs. Horne make her son understand what’s happened? And what about the abuse Becky (Amanda Seyfried) suffers at the hands of her abusive husband…

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