Outside of official events, many Puerto Ricans say they won’t be welcoming President Donald Trump with open arms during his visit to the storm-wracked island on Tuesday.

WASHINGTON – For days, President Trump has lashed out at anyone who dares to criticize his administration’s response to the hurricane that crippled Puerto Rico.

When he arrives on the storm-battered island on Tuesday, he will finally see the damage for himself.

Though the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas prompted speculation that Trump might cancel the trip, the president confirmed he still plans plans to visit and defended his administration’s efforts to supply Puerto Rico with sufficient power, food, and potable water. 

“It’s been amazing, what’s been done in a short period of time on Puerto Rico,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday.

After Trump’s long and protracted feud with the mayor of San Juan, the visit may prove a critical test of Trump’s leadership. 

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Trump earned generally high marks for his response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but his public response to Puerto Rico in the immediate aftermath of the storm has been strikingly different.  

Trump, who hunkered down at Camp David to receive briefings about the Texas and Florida storms, frequently tweeted affirmations of support for their victims. Yet in the days after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, there was relative silence from Trump and his Twitter account.  


With President Trump set to visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday — after…